Academic Apps

Reference Generator

Our Reference Generator is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of creating academic and professional references. It streamlines the process of crafting detailed and personalised references, saving time and ensuring consistency. Ideal for academic staff and students, it simplifies what can often be a time-consuming task, allowing more focus on what truly matters – education and professional development.

Key Features

Predefined Templates

Utilise a variety of predefined templates tailored for different needs, such as for master's courses or job-seeking purposes. These templates are easily customisable and serve as a starting point for what you can create.

Variable Integration

Templates include variables like the student's name, programme, and grades. Simply input the student's information, and the generator automatically populates these details into the reference.

Custom Template Creation

Beyond using default templates, users have the flexibility to create their own custom reference templates. This feature allows for a high level of personalisation and adaptability to various reference requirements.

Tutor Access and Management

Tutors can view a list of their tutees and access all references previously created for them. This comprehensive overview enables easy management and tracking of reference documents.

Export and Editability

Once generated, references can be exported on the school's or university’s letterhead, adding a layer of professionalism. References are downloadable as MS Word files, allowing for further editing if needed.