Workload Management Software

WAM Software: School & Staff Features

Our WAM Software’s School & Staff features are essential for educational institutions aiming to manage workloads efficiently. These tools provide the clarity and control needed to maintain a balanced academic workload, enhancing productivity and staff satisfaction.

Our WAM Software provides an extensive suite of features designed to manage and monitor staff workloads effectively. These tools are crucial for maintaining a balanced and efficient academic environment.

Staff Workload Allocations

This feature provides a detailed overview of workload allocations for each staff member, allowing for precise tracking and management of tasks and responsibilities.

Workload Calculator

The workload calculator is a tool for estimating and planning staff workloads, providing a clear view of potential workload distribution for effective planning.

Workload Bank

This function serves as a repository of workload data, offering insights into staff workload trends over time and aiding in long-term planning and analysis.

Staff Summary

A comprehensive summary of individual staff workload, giving a clear picture of each member's workload for easy monitoring and management.

School Workload Summary

Provides an overall view of the workload distribution within the entire school, facilitating strategic decisions and ensuring equitable workload distribution.

Group Workload Summary

Offers a breakdown of workload by academic groups, enabling focused management and analysis of specific departments or teams.

Adjunct Staff Allocations

This feature manages workload allocations for adjunct staff, ensuring their contributions are accurately tracked and integrated into the overall workload plan.

Workload Track Changes

Tracks and records changes in workload allocations, providing transparency and a historical record of adjustments for audit and review purposes.

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